EMG Portal

EMG Portal is an add-on to EMG (Enterprise Messaging Gateway) which gives a web-based application interface to some tasks. EMG Portal is to be considered a starting point which can be enhanced and modified to fit customer-specific requirements.

In combination with the billing plugin feature it enables flexible fractional message billing.


Installing EMG Portal »


There are three different user roles in EMG Portal: Owner, administrator and user.


This is the default functionality. Additional functionality can be implemented by customer or as a consultant effort.

Role: User

  • Send SMS to one or more recipients (plain text and Unicode)
  • Direct and scheduled sending of SMS
  • Address books
  • Send to large number of recipients from uploaded file
  • Variable data in message via placeholders when sending via address book or uploaded file
  • Dynamic sender address
  • Message log (for user)
  • Remember-me
  • Password reset

Role: Administrator

  • Message log (for company)
  • Statistics
  • User administration
  • Credits management
  • Company-specific alert message
  • MIS (sent message) reports via e-mail

Role: Owner

  • Customer and account administration
  • Manage routes (msdisdn prefix, priority, load-balancing, failover)
  • MO routing to specific customer
  • Manage prices (charge cost, manual edit, Excel upload)
  • Connector real-time overview
  • Connector queue management (delete, move, bounce, force close, hold)
  • System alert message
  • Layout customization through HTML template and CSS


  • Pricing per customer, msisdn prefix, connector in, connector out
  • E-mail reports
  • Blacklists


EMG Portal is implemented using the Yii Framework, a PHP web application framework encouraging the MVC design pattern.


emg portal send sms

Send SMS

emg portal dashboard

Dashboard (owner view)

emg portal queue

Connector qeue

emg portal reports

Sample report

emg portal message log

Message log