Change history

EMG Portal 3

  • Updated for EMG 7.1 schema
  • Aggregated message statistics per connector
  • New plugin and simplified functionality for MO routing

EMG Portal 2.13

  • Corrected data type for amounts in account balance history
  • More efficient loading of all prices
  • Updated list of connector keywords

EMG Portal 2.12

  • Added new connector options:
  • Imported routes got wrong status
  • Improved error message when route not found
  • Correction in Charge and charge_cost was not correctly updated when row existed

EMG Portal 2.11

  • Username and password was not saved correctly when a new outgoing connector was created
  • Connector options were not deleted correctly when a connector was deleted
  • Display message life time correctly even for protocols where no delivery report is received
  • Only display “PDU log” menu option if PDU log has entries
  • Message log export fix
  • Aggregation script “” was corrected to truncate time correctly to avoid issue with Percona or MySQL in strict mode
  • A few minor html and text adjustments

EMG Portal 2.10

Please note that file format for exporting and importing prices has changed. It now includes the “status” field.

  • Bulk sending by uploading Excel file
  • Improved performance when sending to many recipients
  • Added selection on status to message log view
  • Added selection on prefix to traffic details
  • Routes view has been updated to better match prices view
  • Upload of routes
  • Added libxl support for faster processing of Excel files

EMG Portal 2.9

  • Improved selection in “routes” and “prices” views
  • Owner can choose route when sending message
  • Added checkbox for sending “Flash SMS”
  • Improved message delay calculation
  • Added missing status text for routelog status
  • Fixed issue when editing connector inheritance

EMG Portal 2.8

  • Improved connector edit views
  • Model optimizations for larger data sets (emgaccount)

EMG Portal 2.7

  • Top menu moved to a view file to be customizable
  • Model optimizations for larger data sets (emguser, emgaccount)

EMG Portal 2.6

  • Check for custom view file in “custom” subdirectory (i.e. custom view for “site/login.php” would be placed in “site/custom/login.php”)
    This way customized view files will not be overwritten on update

EMG Portal 2.5

  • Allow dynamic messages with placeholders (“{{phone}}”, “{{name}}”, ”{{company}}”) when sending from phone book
  • Display total number of pdus in message log
  • Display complete message body in details for message in message log
  • Display error codes as text instead of numeric values
  • Order message log by starttime instead of msgid (for multi-node installations)
  • Improved message statistics aggregation script (

EMG Portal 2.4

  • New API call for account topup
  • Editable help page
  • Optimization for loading larger number of users, customers and accounts

EMG Portal 2.3

  • Improved handling of locked accounts
  • Added “max sessions” and “throughput” attributes to edit account view
  • Added possibility to disable username change for admin (non-owner) role

EMG Portal 2.2

  • Use layout “wide” as default. It will use full screen width for improved UX
  • Added missing breadcrumb for EMG server log files
  • Billing: Detect when number of routes and prices have changed
  • Billing: Use lower case hash keys
  • Billing: If ROUTE or XUSERNAME is set, use it

EMG Portal 2.1

  • A web user will now logged out if disabled
  • Display DLR text in message log popup
  • High-lighting of search terms when searching EMG server log files
  • Security fixes

EMG Portal 2.0

EMG Portal 2 supports connector configuration through the EMG Portal web interface.

It is also possible to browse and search EMG server log files.