Installing EMG patch releases (binaries-only)

EMG patch releases are software releases that contains only the binaries (executable programs). They are distributed as downloadable, compressed, tar archives.

In order to install a patch release you need to have a full distribution of EMG already installed.

If you upgrade from EMG 6 to EMG 7 for example you also need to upgrade the database schema (step 10 below). This may take a long time if you have large tables. Always perform a test migration before upgrading a production environment.

  1. Log on to your system as the system administrator.
  2. Find your current EMG binaries, for example emgd. They are usually located in /usr/bin (owned by “root”) or /home/emg/bin (owned by “emg”). You can also execute “type emgd”, which will locate the binary if it is in your current path.
  3. Download the patch release tar-archive, emg*binaries.tar.gz and save it in the file system, for example in the /tmp directory.
  4. Stop emgd using “emgd -stop”, and then make sure there are no emgd processes running, “ps -ef | grep emgd”. All emgd processes need to be stopped before replacing the binaries.
  5. Backup your current binaries in order to be able to revert to these files if needed. Sample backup procedure:
    mkdir /tmp/emg-backup.151001
    cp /usr/bin/emg* /tmp/emg-backup.151001
  6. Extract the new binaries:
    cd /home/emg/bin OR cd /usr/bin (depending on your setup)
    tar xvzf /tmp/emg*binaries.tar.gz
  7. Make sure they have appropriate owner and permissions:
    chown emg emg* OR chown root emg* (depending on your setup)
    chmod 700 emg*
  8. Verify that the new binaries execute ok (the command below should not give any error messages):
    emgd -help
  9. Verify that the server configuration is ok (if not make required adjustments):
    emgd -verify
  10. Upgrade database schema, if necessary (for upgrades):
    emgd -upgradesql (this will only show the sql statements that will be applied
    emgd -upgradedb (this will actually run the sql migration)
  11. Start the server:
  12. Verify that the server is running:
    ps -ef|grep emgd