EMG 5.2 Acision-mode

EMG 5.2 introduces a new mode for Acision v5 compatibility.

More specifically, when adding the keyword “ACISIONMODE” to an incoming UCP connector the message body of SMS delivery reports, routed to the UCP connector after being received on a SMPP connector, is rewritten to the format used by Acision v5.

The default format of the message body is hard-coded, but can be overridden using some additional global keywords in server.cfg as in the examples below:

DLRMSG_DELIVERED=Message for @MRAD, with identification @MSCTS has been delivered on @MADD4 at @MADT2 (@MOAD).
DLRMSG_BUFFERED=Message for @MRAD, with identification @MSCTS has been buffered (@MOAD).
DLRMSG_DELETED=Message for @MRAD, with identification @MSCTS has been deleted (@MOAD).
DLRMSG_FAILED=Message for @MRAD, with identification @MSCTS could not be delivered, because @MERS (code @MERR).

In addition to this a connector keyword is available to map SMPP errors to UCP errors.

CONNECTOR ucp-in1 <

The DLRMSG_*-options specify the message text and can include variables (starting with “@”) which will be substituted with actual values when message rewrite is performed:

@MERR: Error code when not delivered.
@MERS: Error description when not delivered.
@MOAD: Short message originator address.
@MRAD: Short message recipient address.
@MADD4 string format YYYY-MM-DD
@MADT2 string HH:MM:SS


Applies to: Delivery reports generated by EMG (SMPP-side)

The file specified is used to map the SMPP error code (command_status) to the MERR+RSN values in the UCP delivery report generate by EMG when a SMPP submit operation fails.

It must contain 3 columns: SMPP error code (command_status), MERR value and RSN value.


Applies to: Delivery reports received by EMG via SMPP (to be forwarded via UCP)

The file specified is used to map the value specified by the “err:” part in a SMPP delivery report into MERR and RSN values.

It must contain 3 columnn: SMPP “err:” value, MERR value and RSN value.


Applies to: Error codes received in response to SMPP operations

The file specified is used to map the SMPP error code into the UCP error code (field EC) and (from 5.2.12) optionally the error text in the SM field of UCP response.

It must contain at least 2 columns: SMPP error code (command_status), EC value and optionally SM text.