Product support lifecycle

This document describes the support lifecycle for our products.

Product version numbering

The EMG product version numbering is roughly based on semantic versioning. However, to better match the requirements by EMG customers, new functionality is often introduced even at the PATCH level, as long as it is entirely backwards compatible. This means that version X.Y.B is always a safe replacement for an existing X.Y.A, where B>A.

In short, we update the

  1. MAJOR version for significant changes,
  2. MINOR version for new backwards compatible functionality, and
  3. PATCH version for backwards compatible bug fixes.

End of Support (EOS) information

EOS dates applies to minor versions, by default two years after the release of the next minor version. We may decide to extend this date.

Until the EOS date, technical assistance and software updates are available to customers with valid support contracts. Afterwards, new functionality and bug fixes may only be made on newer versions.

EOS dates for EMG versions

EMG versionRelease dateNormal EOS dateExtended EOS date
7.23 May, 2019TBD
7.120 January, 20163 May, 2021
7.01 June, 20151 June, 2018
6.01 April, 20131 April, 20161 Jan, 2017
5.530 May, 201230 May, 2015