Download EMG 7.1.9

The list of changes below are compared to the previous version EMG 7.1.8.

Changes below marked with an asterisk, “*”, includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.

  • * Corrected reuse of SAT addresses
  • Use OpenSSL version 1.0.2o
  • Log the OpenSSL version in the pdu log
  • More tolerant parsing of configuration files, ignoring whitespace where possible
  • Retry the SQL several times if the server returns 1047
  • SMPP: use message specific USSD_SERVICE_OP, if set
  • Enable MO charges
  • Do not resplit multipart messages
  • Enforce that idletimeout is larger than keepalive
  • New plugin hook before_dlr(), primarily to handle HLR lookup results
  • emgclient: close all sessions by a specific user, using “forceclose 2 /username”
  • emgstat: new options
    • –nz to only show connectors with traffic
    • -e entry, to only show a specific connector
    • -c client, to only show a specific user
  • New tool emgpdu, to show a filtered part of the pdu log files

Binaries are no longer provided for this version, as it is superseded by version 7.1.10.