Change history EMG 7.0

Changes below marked with an asterisk, “*”, includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.

EMG 7.0.6

  • SSL without a keyfile is ok for outgoing connectors
  • SMPP: If validity period has passed reject message with RINVEXPIRY
  • SMPP: Parameter sm_default_msg_id in deliver_sm was not parsed correctly
  • Messages in queue on an incoming connector did not always expire correctly
  • Message charge was set even if routing failed which could cause rejected messages to be charged incorrectly
  • UDH must be hex encoded when sent over MGP
  • Auth TON and auth NPI was not logged in pdu log when empty
  • Potential read of freed memory when checking credits*

EMG 7.0.5

  • New general keyword PLUGIN_TIMEOUT to set plugin timeout (in seconds, default is 900 seconds)
  • New connector keyword ESMCLASS_CLEARMASK to clear individual bits in esm_class
  • Actually support holddelay=0 in retry schemes (use with caution, will cause a busy-wait)
  • Ensure round-robin is used when retrying messages repeatedly
  • emgstat could incorrectly show negative values
  • Pass the exit code from EBE in field “err:” in SMPP delivery reports
  • Bind type could incorrectly be set to “receiver” after receiving unbind from remote side
  • Potential memory corruption on client disconnect after reload*
  • Potential race condition when authenticating users from database*
  • SMPP data_coding was missing from pdu log
  • Improved error message when specifying a non-local ip address for incoming connectors
  • Fixed minor memory leak when expiring messages and using MongoDB

EMG 7.0.4

  • It is now possible to specify multiple plugins using syntax PLUGIN=plugin1:arg,plugin2,plugin3
  • New http protocol “HTTP-DYNAMIC”, supporting placeholders for id, sourceaddr, destaddr and message in URL
  • Status “6” in a SMPP DLR should be translated to “relayed”, not “delivered”
  • New connector threads were not always started on server refresh
  • Log level changed from “error” to “warning” when using WINDOWSIZE for protocols not supporting it
  • Fixed issue where empty http response body could cause NPE*
  • Improved thread synchronization*
  • Potential NPE in dynamic string code*