Error codes

In the connector log files protocol specific error codes may be displayed within parenthesis when send or receive operations fail. The most common of these error codes are specified below, per protocol.


Error codeDescription
0No error
1Unexpected operation
2Syntax error
3Unsupported parameter error
9Requested operation failed
100Invalid login
102Too many users with this login id
103Login refused
300Incorrect destination address
302Syntax error in user data parameter
303Incorrect user data parameter combination


Error codeDescription
0No error
3Invalid command id
4Invalid bind status for given command
5ESME already in bound state
8System error
10Invalid source address
11Invalid destination address
12Message ID is invalid
13Bind failed
14Invalid password
15Invalid system id
20Message queue full
21Invalid system type
69submit_sm failed
88Throttling error (ESME has exceeded allowed message limits)
97Invalid scheduled delivery time
98Invalid message validity period


Error codeDescription
1Checksum error
2Syntax error
3Operation not supported by system
4Operation not allowed
5Call barring active
6AdC (destination address) invalid
7Authentication failure
22Time period not valid
23Message type not supported by system
24Message too long


Error codeDescription
1Invalid data
2atabase (message data store) full
3SME busy
5Duplicate message
6Destination unavailable
20Call barred by user
21Transmission error
24Unknown subscriber
25Call barred by network operator (destination)
26Call barred by network operator (originator)
120Network failure


Error codeDescription
400Bad request
404Not found
500Internal error
501Not implemented
304Not modified


Error codeDescription
220Service ready
250Requested mail action ok
251User not local will forward to
421Service not available
450Mailbox unavailable
451Requested action aborted
452Requested action not taken
500Syntax error, command unrecognized
501Syntax error in parameter or arguments
502Command not implemented
503Bad sequence of commands
504Command parameter not implemented
550Requested action not taken


Error codeDescription
Error codeDescription
0OK, no error
2Syntax error
4Already bound
5Invalid arguments
6Invalid command
7Invalid message id
8Invalid destination address
9Invalid source address
10No access
11Message error
12Invalid response
13Communication error
14Database error
15UDH error
16No credits left
18Too long
20No route


Error codeDescription
0No error
1Message is rejected by the EBE script
127EBE script could not run (“chmod +x program” not run?)

Linux error codes

Error codes returned from the Linux operating system, for example when trying to connect to remote entities (“CONNECT ERR” in connector log).

Error codeErrnoDescription
110ETIMEDOUTConnection timed out
111ECONNREFUSEDConnection refused