Download EMG 7.1.11

To understand the major new functionality in EMG 7.1, please check out the documentation What’s new in EMG 7.1.

The list of changes below are compared to the previous version EMG 7.1.10.

Changes below marked with an asterisk, “*”, includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.

  • Fixed memory leak when using DLR_FAILOVER.
  • DLL connectors in Perl can now set “content-type”.
  • Incorrect or malformed addresses are now correctly rejected for incoming HTTP as well.
  • Incorrect or malformed addresses now correctly fails the message on EBE connectors.
  • EBE output now hex encodes the option ORIGINAL_UDH (210).

Binaries are no longer provided for this version, as it is superseded by version 7.1.12.