Download EMG 7.1.1

Changes below marked with an asterisk, “*”, includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.

  • Schema change: New column cfg_plugins.dbprofile (required to run “emgd –upgradedb” before starting emgd)
  • New general keywords DLR_EXPIRES_STATUS and DLR_EXPIRES_ERROR to set status and error for expired dlr entries respectively
  • Perl plugins: New field “route_data” which can be set in response and will be forwarded to next plugin request
  • Handle removed PROFILING_THRESHOLD on reload correctly
  • DLR: Do not copy dlr payload field “text” to “err” if it is more than 5 characters
  • Perl plugins: Avoid warning when empty data is returned in “route” field
  • Minor optimizations for C plugins
  • Merged form EMG 7.0.6: emgsend: Improved error messages when rejected source or destination address
  • Merged from EMG 7.0.5: Field sm_default_msg_id in deliver_sm was not parsed correctly when set
  • Merged from EMG 7.0.5: Do not create “debug” log file until it is actually used
  • Merged from EMG 7.0.5: SSL_KEYFILE is not mandatory for outgoing connector (certificate-less ssl client)

Binaries are no longer provided for this version, as it is superseded by version 7.1.2.