Download EMG 7.1.4

The list of changes below are compared to the previous version EMG 7.1.3.

Changes below marked with an asterisk, “*”, includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.

  • PDU log now includes connects/disconnects
  • Improved algorithm for better precision in throttling
  • Messages could be sent before bind response for incoming connectors
  • New connector option: FORCE_REPLACEIFPRESENT sets smpp field replace_if_present
  • Message option REPLACEIFPRESENT can be used to set smpp field replace_if_present per message
  • Proxy: Proxy raw did not set trn correctly in sent pdus (regression from EMG 7.0)
  • SMPP: Only the first character of returned system_id was displayed in log files
  • UCP: LRAddr and LRPid should be ignored unless lrq > 0
  • DLL: DEFAULT_CHARCODE_TEXT is now considered
  • Perl DLL: Avoid error log messages on empty response->route
  • Security: Incoming connectors not having USERS or USERDB accepted any username/password in bind
  • Potential memory and crash on disconnect during sending of pdus for multipart message*

Binaries are no longer provided for this version, as it is superseded by version 7.1.5.