Download EMG 7.1.7

The list of changes below are compared to the previous version EMG 7.1.6.

  • Post delivery reports back for all parts of a merged message
  • Added SNI support for outgoing SSL connections
  • Custom connectors can now parse GSM 03.40 tpdus
  • New connector keyword: GSMNOSCA_IN to indicate no SCA in received GSM pdus
  • New connector keyword: DLL_IGNORE_TRANSPORT_STATUS to force continuation in custom http connectors even on non-200 http status
  • MongoDB: Improved error handling
  • HTTP: Do not add “?” before query string if already present
  • DLR: DLR status could incorrectly be set to 0 when dlr expired
  • Allow setting udh from perl urlhandler
  • Allow setting options 900-999 from perl urlhandler
  • New plugin hook “before_dlr”
  • Improved error handling for INHERIT keyword
  • Log missing failover connector as warning
  • Eliminated potential memory leak when saving of message failed

Binaries are no longer provided for this version, as it is superseded by version 7.1.8.