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2022-02-26: EMG 7.2.14 is now released.


These are the changes in EMG 7.2.13 as compared to EMG 7.2.12.

  • Database schema version 43: Remove the messageoption.rowid column. It is not used, and causes problems when replicating from multiple EMG nodes into a common reporting node.
  • When the route() plugin hook rejects a message on a connector with PROTOCOL=ROUTE, the routelog table is now updated. This is not needed for other protocols, as the message is then never received, and there is therefore no routelog entry to begin with.
  • The profiling log now also contains entries for plugin calls, including the time waiting for a plugin instance to be ready. The PLUGIN section contains an INSTANCE parameter saying how many parallel threads should be used. When these are all busy, incoming requests are queued until a previous call has completed. A long queueing time here means a low throughput, and should generally be resolved by making the plugin faster. Depending on the parallelism of the plugin, a few more instances may also help.
  • When the NOTIFY connector option used the connector it was set on as the target, this connector would freeze. This has now been resolved.
  • EBE connectors use a Unix domain socket internally, by default called /tmp/ebe.sock-nnnnn. There is now a new configuration option EBE_SOCKET_DIR, which can be used to override the “/tmp” part. It should include the leading “/”. For example, you can put this socket in the /var/spool/emg, directory, which can have permissions set so only the emg user can access it.
  • When the sender address is forced when the message is received, the corresponding TON and NPI fields are now left to the default values. Previously the incoming values were used for some protocols, causing problems when the messages were sent. For both numeric and alphanumeric sender addresses to work, you need the connector option AUTOMATICTONNPI on the outgoing connector.
  • Outgoing delivery reports over HTTP and EBE now contain the charge used for the original message. It is in the form “x.y” or “n*x.y”, depending on the number of pdus. The expression is a bit of a simplification, but is correct in most situations. The value is sent in the new MGP option 223, “ORIGINAL_CHARGE” (in lowercase over HTTP-JSON connectors).
  • Plugins returning HLR information, e.g., MNC, MCC, MSC, and IMSI, could result in memory leaks. This has now been corrected.


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