Download EMG 7.2.5


2020-05-25: EMG 7.2.6 is now released.


These are the changes in EMG 7.2.5 as compared to EMG 7.2.4. It also contains all updates from the 7.1 branch up to version 7.1.14.

  • New MGP option HTTP_HEADERS (219), settable from plugins. The values for this option are added to the HTTP headers for outgoing traffic.
  • New MGP option REMOTEPORT (220), automatically set on incoming messages in the same way as REMOTEIP (38).
  • If the HTTP headers X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-SourcePort are set, they override the values for REMOTEIP and REMOTEPORT. This can be used to make an HTTP Proxy pass on the original IP and port.
  • Outgoing connections for connectors, databases and HTTP plugins now use a Circuit Breaker. The timeout starts at 10 seconds, and doubles each time on new failures until it reaches 300 seconds. Successful connections similarly bring the used timeout back down again. In combination with the “ADDRESS=|url1|…|” syntax, this allows EMG to automatically connect to another server while avoiding hammering the unavailable node with meaningless connection attempts.
  • The version information shown by “emgd -v” has changed format slightly.


The downloads are password-protected. To obtain the username and password required, please use our license request form.

With SSLWithout SSL
BinariesEMG 7.2.5-ssl-binariesEMG 7.2.5-nossl-binaries
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