Download EMG 7.1.14


These are the changes in EMG 7.1.14 as compared to EMG 7.1.13.

  • The format of the output from “emgd -v” has changed slightly, as the forth part no longer is a sequential number.
  • A few more fields are now written hex encoded in the messageoption table.
  • A few issues in edge cases were fixed.
    • An outgoing pdu could get lost before actually being sent on the socket. In particular, this sometimes happened when using the “INQUIRY_MESSAGE” operation over UCP.
    • Reloading a configuration at the exact same time as when a connector was disconnecting could cause an unnecessary delay.
    • UDH fields which are just passed along without any interpretation by EMG could get repeated in the outgoing message.
  • Some SSL improvements
    • EMG now uses OpenSSL 1.1.1d.
    • New global and connector option SSL_MIN_PROTO, with valid values SSL3, TLS, TLS1, TLS1_1, TLS1_2 and TLS1_3. This must be set in the server.cfg file.


The downloads are password-protected. To obtain the username and password required, please use our license request form.

With SSLWithout SSL
BinariesEMG 7.1.14-ssl-binariesEMG 7.1.14-nossl-binaries
Full distributionEMG 7.1.14-ssl-fullEMG 7.1.14-nossl-full