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2020-08-09: EMG 7.2.7 is now released.


These are the changes in EMG 7.2.6 as compared to EMG 7.2.5.

  • A new section type: SERVICE. For now, these services are only used for credit updates, as below.
  • Several changes in order to optionally decrease the number of database operations, often resulting in higher throughput albeit with a higher risk for small overdrafts.
    • A new connector option CACHE_USER_READS, which causes EMG to only reload the data for each user from the emguser table at most once per second. This includes data such as the current credit balance, the default route, etc.
    • A new connector option BATCH_USER_UPDATES, which causes EMG to update the entries in the emguser table at most once per second, or when the SQL command would get longer than about 1024 characters.
    • A new option CREDIT_SERVICE for a database profiles. If this parameter is set to the name of a defined SERVICE, credit updates are done by making a HTTP POST request to the named microservice instead of directly updating the database.
  • The emguseraccess table is now reloaded for every request, but at most once per second. This makes it possible to update the valid IP addresses for a client without having to reload the configuration.
  • The emgload tool now includes the option “--duration” in the help text. With this option, emgload runs for the specified number of seconds instead of sending a specific number of messages. This is very useful when experimenting with the number of connections and the window size, as the required time always will be the same. It also provides a more useful output format, in the “box and whiskers” style.
  • A new command line tool is added in the distribution, for easy filtering of the EMG pdu log files: emgpdu. The following options are supported.
    • -c/--client username. This makes emgpdu only show the lines corresponding to traffic by the client “username”.
    • -n/--suffix count. This limits emgpdu to pdu files with a maximum sequence number “count”. This is useful when you only want to examine the first few files, and not all of them.
    • -f/--file filename. This limits the search to the specified file. This option can be repeated.
    • And finally, a connector name. This is used if you want to examine all pdu files, perhaps limited to the first few files as specified by -n, without using -f multiple times.


The downloads are password-protected. To obtain the username and password required, please use our license request form.

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