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2021-05-17: EMG 7.2.10 is now released.


These are the changes in EMG 7.2.9 as compared to EMG 7.2.8.

  • The schema number is now increased to 41, adding the column expires_at in the emguser table. Just as schema 40, this update is optional. The new column is a DATETIME, containing the time when the client account stops accepting new logins and messages. This is useful when clients pay a monthly fee for access.
  • New connector options DEFAULT_CHARCODE_TEXT_IN and DEFAULT_CHARCODE_TEXT_OUT, for situations when incoming and outgoing traffic must be handled differently.
  • When messages are converted from GSM-7 to Unicode, the Euro sign is now correctly mapped to 0x20ac, and the pipe character to 0x7c.
  • Since a long time back, EMG automatically splits messages to stay within the 140 byte limit for an SMS. However, it does not split UCS-2 characters in the middle. As of now, it also avoids splitting UTF-16 encoded characters from the surrogate sets, for example some emojis, which require 4 bytes.
  • In some situations, for example when sending a long message in English with a single emoji, the emoji part could use UCS2 and the other part(s) GSM-7 or Latin-1. In combination with the connector option MERGE, this would result in a broken outgoing message, as the parts were simply concatenated. This has now been corrected, by always converting parts to be merged up to UCS2, and then if possible convert the combined text down to GSM-7 or Latin-1 (as specified by the DEFAULT_CHARCODE_TEXT option for the outgoing connector). If any part contain 8-bit data, no conversion is made.
  • It is now possible to override configuration options using environment variables. Global options should look like this: EMG_SHMKEY=1234. Options for subsections should look like this: EMG_DB_emg_PASSWORD=secret. Options set this way take preference over what is found in the configuration files or in the database. This mechanism is useful to avoid having to store sensitive passwords in files readable by the emgd process. To be able to set these variables from the command line, connectors and other entities must have names which only contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and underscore (“_”). Environment variables set from a file, e.g., docker run with the –env-file parameter, do not have this restriction.


The downloads are password-protected. To obtain the username and password required, please use our license request form.

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