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2022-12-16: EMG 7.2.18 is now released.


These are the changes in EMG 7.2.17 as compared to EMG 7.2.16.

  • Previously, incoming HTTP connectors checked the user credit twice before accepting a message. This has now been corrected, reducing the database traffic.
  • Similarly, incoming login operations, for all protocols, previously required two database lookups. These have now been merged, further reducing the database load.
  • SAT pools now have a new option, SOFTFAIL. Previously a SAT lookup where the address pair was not found, resulted in the message being rejected. When this option is set, the message is instead accepted, keeping its original addresses.
  • The EMG schema is increased to 44, adding the optional cfg_satpools.softfail column. If the current schema number is lower, EMG assumes that the value here is 0. If you want to use this column, run “emgd -upgradedb”, as usual. You can also run “emgd -upgradesql”, which will print the SQL commands to be used for the schema upgrade.
  • The SMPP field receipted_message_id is actually a “C string”, so it should indeed have that final zero byte at the end which was removed in version 7.2.16. This has now been restored.
  • The benchmarking tool emgload now also prints the mean and standard deviation for the latencies for connect, bind, and send.
  • OpenSSL is upgraded to version 1.1.1p.
  • Regular expressions are now handled by the PCRE2 library, version 10.40. For the parameters that use the “s/old/new/options” syntax, the separator must now be either “/”, “:”, or “,”. For the options, we only support “g” for global replacement, and “i” for case insensitive matching. If you are using other separator characters or flags, please let us know.
  • The global option EBE_SOCKET_PORT is added. Its value should be a port number not already used by anything else on the machine. Since many years, emgd uses a Unix domain socket to communicate with the helper process used for EBE connectors. This can now be an internet domain socket instead. We recommend using this option from now on, in order to avoid the risk of leaving obsolete “ebe.sock” sockets in the file system.


The downloads are password-protected. To obtain the username and password required, please use our license request form.

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